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Estate Administration
LTCA Legacy Planning helps to make the administrative duties of personal representatives and trustees easier.  The burden of learning tax and legal concepts, processes and procedures can be overwhelming.  A surviving spouse, in particular, may find this responsibility daunting during  this difficult time. 
As a result of my own personal experiences I have learned how to effectively guide you  through the maze to gather the right documents, meet important deadlines, and file all the required reports with your attorney . This will save you from having to learn tax and legal concepts, and processes and procedures which are overwhelming and confusing. 
Estate and Trust administration is time consuming and often requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge.  The processes involve identifying assets, setting up proper records, following accepted procedures, and fulfilling on-going legal and tax requirements.  Through the years I have helped many customers just like you speed through this processes and get everything done.
LTCA Legacy Planning can help by providing these services, working as a part of your team with your attorney, accountant, stockbroker, or other financial planner.  We can offer services ranging from transferring assets into the name of your trust to helping your successor trustee complete the asset inventory and appraisals for preparation of an estate tax return, at a reasonable cost.  
Our job is to get you organized, keep you organized and to make the estate planning processes easy for you. The fact that we've been doing this for so long, we can also make suggestions on ways you can achieve some of your estate planning goals as well as make suggestions on options that are available to you.
Estate Planning Process That Is Easy For You
We Work As Part Of Your Team
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Estate Planning
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