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How Do Fixed  Index Annuities Work For You?
During the accumulation period of your fixed index annuity—after you make either a lump sum payment or a series of payments—the insurance company credits you with a return based on the movement of an index in the stock market. After the accumulation period, you can choose to annuitize, which means you'll receive periodic payments under the terms of your contract, unless you choose to receive your contract value in a lump sum.

With a fixed index annuity, you choose the initial premium amount, interest crediting strategies, income options, and withdrawal options. 

You choose from several indexed interest-crediting strategies designed specifically to help you meet your long-term retirement needs. Interest in your fixed index annuity grows tax-deferred. This means that any interest earnings in the annuity are not taxed until withdrawn. Unlike taxable savings vehicles, money you would otherwise pay in taxes remains in your fixed index annuity, earning interest, causing your retirement savings to accumulate even faster.
How Is The Interest Credited? 
When you decide to receive income from your fixed index  annuity, you have several choices like systematic electronic withdrawals, personalized checkbook access, guaranteed annuity payout options, and exclusive pay withdrawals. These options provide you the ability to receive lifetime guaranteed income while maintaining control of your principal.
How Do I Receive Income From My Fixed Index Annuity? 
Upon the death of the annuitant, the accumulation  value of your annuity will be paid in a lump sum to your named beneficiaries. Other settlement options may also be available to your beneficiaries. For example, the full value of your annuity  could be paid over a five year period. If annuization is already started, the remaining payments would be made to the beneficiaries. 

Death Benefit Is Available With The  Fixed Index Annuity 
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Fixed Index Annuity 
  • Potential for higher interest earnings.
  • Tax deferred interest accumulation
  • Multiple interest crediting strategies
  • ​Ability to create an income stream you can't outlive
How Is My Fixed Index Annuity Protected?
You are protected with a fixed index annuity that is guaranteed to never lose principal provided that no withdrawals are taken in excess of the contract's withdrawal amount provisions. 
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