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Why Do I Need  Long Term Care Insurance?
Who Should Buy Long Term Care Insurance?
What Is Long Term Care Insurance
Every year that a person waits to buy Long Term Care Insurance could cost them 10% to 12% in premiums. Therefore, the younger you are, the better off you are. In addition, typically, the younger buyer has less health concerns to deal with when it comes to getting underwritten and approved by an insurance company. 

Anyone over the age of 50 that expects to retire with more than $70,000 in assets should buy a Long Term Care Insurance policy. Long Term Care costs are extremely high. Long Term Care insurance is a key part of sound retirement planning. We feel very, very strongly about this.  However,  we would never say that Long Term Care Insurance is right for everyone. Read more to help you better understand who should buy Long Term Care Insurance.  
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Long Term Care insurance is a type of insurance developed specifically to cover the cost of nursing homes, assisted living, home health care and other long-term care services. These services are usually not covered by traditional health insurance or Medicare.  Today’s policies are comprehensive. They typically cover care and services in a variety of long-term settings such as:

  • Skilled nursing care, occupational, speech, physical and rehabilitation or personal care.
  • Homemaker services such as meal preparation or housekeeping
  • Adult day health care centers
  • Hospice care
  • Respite care
  • Assisted living facilities (residential care facilities)
  • Alzheimer’s special care facilities and nursing homes

  • ​Medicare pays very little for Long Term Care services.
  • Most people do not want to be an emotional or financial burden on their families.
  • ​Everything an individual worked for  may be depleted by Long Term Care costs.
  • ​Being able to choose home care or a nursing home gives a family the freedom to keep their loved ones at home or in a quality facility when the need arises. 
The younger you are the less expensive Long Term Care Insurance is in most cases. Even if you’re in good health today, there is a good chance that you’ll eventually need some type of long-term care, at least for 

You’ve saved all your life for the golden years and then without long-term care insurance, which typically covers the cost of nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and in-home care, those golden years can be devastating for seniors and their families. The cost for long term care can be staggering. 

The best age to begin to purchase long-term care insurance is around the age of 50, when you are still healthy. The key to a solid retirement plan is for anyone with assets that he or she wishes to pass along to the family, not to the nursing home.

Let us help you come up with a Long Term Plan that will help you protect your hard earned assets for a life long happy retirement.
What Age Should I Buy Long Term Care Insurance?
Over 70% of people over 65 will need some long-term care,  at least for awhile
A private room in a Nursing Home : $79,935 a year.   Assisted Living: $39,516 a year

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